Romania and Black Sea Security

August 17, 2018 0

  The Black Sea is a body of many monikers: NATO euphemistically calls the sea an area of “strategic importance,” former Romanian President Traian Băsescu famously dubbed it “a Russian lake” in 2005 and the […]

North Korea

The discord in the Korean peace process

August 17, 2018 0

  Last week, the South Korean Blue House announced preparations for another summit – what will be the third – between President Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un in the northern autumn. Both […]


Faxploit: Breaking the Unthinkable

by dafz0280 in Technology 0

  The ‘Modern Day’ Fax Machine Which was invented first, the telephone or the fax machine? If you guessed the former, then try again. And if you’re surprised by that, imagine how surprised Napoleon III [...]


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