Iran’s Elite Corps Conduct Drills in Semnan Province Despite US Sanctions


Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) started military drills with the use of missile systems in the northeast province of Semnan earlier on Saturday, despite sanctions imposed by the US administration following the Islamic republic’s recent ballistic missile test.

According to the website of the IRGC, during the drills, different missile and radar systems will be used, including missiles with a range of about 60-75 kilometers (37-46 miles).

The IRGC said the drills were aimed at demonstrating Iran’s readiness to counter any threats. The motto of the drills includes such phrases as “with contempt for sanctions and threats.”

On Friday, the Trump administration announced sanctions against 25 Iranian individuals and entities following Iran’s latest medium-range ballistic missile test, which took place on Monday.


Source: Sputniknews

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